Fee Schedule

Fees are subject to change without notice. The following fees are effective as of 7/5/18.

Credit Union Membership

Product/Service Fee Conditions
 Membership  Minimum deposit of $25
 New Member Fee  $3.00  One time fee
 Dormant Account  $5.00  Per month after 2 years of no activity
 Inactive Account  $5.00  Per month after 1 year of no activity
 Account Closure  $25.00  If account is closed within 90 days of opening

Savings Account Fees

Product/Service Fee Conditions
 Excessive Withdrawal Fee  $5.00  Per withdrawal after 3 withdrawals per month

Checking Account Fees

Product/Service Fee Conditions
 Check Copies  $2.00  Per copy
 Check Orders  Varies  Prices may vary per style
 NSF  $28.00  Per item
 Overdraft Transfer  $5.00  Per transfer
 Stop Payment  $28.00  Per request
 Temporary Checks  $0.50  Set of 10 checks
 Monthly Service  No Charge

Online Banking Fees

Product/Service Fee Conditions
 Online Banking  No Charge
 Bill Pay  No Charge
 Mobile Banking  No Charge
 Mobile Deposit  No Charge
 A2A Transfer (Incoming)  $0.35
 A2A Transfer (Outgoing)  $2.00
 E-greetings  $0.25
 Overnight Check  $14.95
 Same Day Bill Pay  $9.95
 POP Money Sent – Three Day
$1 – $249  $0.75
$250 – $999  $1.00
$1,000 – above  $1.75
POP Money Sent – Next Day
$1 – $249  $1.50
$250 – $999  $1.75
$1,000 – above  $2.00
Instant – Any amount  $3.00
POP Money Requested
$1 – $249  $0.75
$250 – $999  $1.00
$1,000 – above  $1.75

General Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Product/Service Fee Conditions
Account Activity Printout  $2.00  Per page
 Account Reconciliation  $15.00  Per hour (minimum 1 hour)
 Account Research  $15.00  Per hour (minimum 1 hour)
 Certified Check  $5.00  Per check
 Charge Back  $5.00  Per item
 Check Cashing  $5.00  No fee if account balance is at least $500 between savings and checking, if you have a loan, CD, or IRA with us.
 Courtesy Pay  $28.00  Per item
 Escheat  $50.00
 Garnishment  $50.00
 Legal Process (tax levies, summons)  $50.00
 Loan Payment by phone – Credit/Debit Card  $11.00
 Money Order  $2.00  Per money order
 Photocopy  $2.00  Per item
 Returned Mail  $5.00  Per item
 Statement Copy  $5.00  Per month
 VISA Gift Card  $3.50  Per card
 Wire Transfer (Outgoing)  $15.00  Per transfer
 Wire Transfer (Incoming)  $10.00  Per wire
 Wire – International (Outgoing)  $40.00  Per transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

Product/Service Fee Conditions
 ACH Return  $28.00  Per item
 ATM Balance Inquiry  $1.00  Per inquiry after 3 inquiries per month at ATM’s not owned by the credit union
 ATM Withdrawal Limit  $715.00  Per day with a daily transaction limit of 5
 ATM Withdrawal/Transfer  $1.00  Per transaction at ATM’s not owned by the credit union
 Card Replacement  $5.00  Per card
 PIN Reissue for Debit Card/ATM Card  $5.00  Per reissue

Rates and fees on Savings and Checking Accounts are subject to change after the account is open.
Fees charged to an account could reduce the earnings on an account.