Board & Staff


Main Office

1420 Natchitoches St in West Monroe


Jamie Walker MLO-644655
VP of Lending 318.387.4592
Richard Lyle
Indirect Lending 318.387.4592
Randy Hilburn MLO-108470
Asst VP of Lending 318.387.4592
Melanie Rogers MLO-1214497 318.387.4592
Courtney Linder MLO-1214498 318.387.4592
Kimberly Goins MLO-1214496 318.387.4592

Business Lending

Ron Purdy MLO – 1256836 318.387.4592

Mortgage Lending

Kristen Wilson MLO-644656 318.387.4592
Shaundrika Davis MLO-1450930 318.387.4592
Brooke Harris MLO-1182161 318.387.4592


Jamie Worsham 318.387.4592
Kim Winn 318.387.4592
Amanda Whatley 318.387.4592
Heather Dampier 318.387.4592

New Accounts/IRA/Certificates

Judy Osbon 318.387.4592
Mitzi Griffin 318.387.4592

Head Teller

Kristi Hobbs 318.387.4592

Share Drafts/ACH/ODP

Jennifer Miller 318.387.4592
Lisa Mobley 318.387.4592

Plastic Cards/Accounting

Wendy Thomas 318.387.4592
Diane Coronado 318.387.4592
Roshandria Hawkins 318.387.4592


Jessica Ledoux 318.387.4592
Brenda McMullen 318.387.4592
Tia Thompson 318.387.4592

Human Resources

Christy Hickingbottom 318.387.4592

Branch Offices

2831 Louisville Ave in Monroe

Chris Middlebrooks, Branch Manager MLO-839750 318.362.0015
Alicia Smith, Loan Officer MLO-800299 318.362.0015
Michelle Coats, Teller Supervisor 318.362.0015
Kriston Brogden, New Accounts 318.362.0015

3170 Sterlington Road in Monroe

Candice Skeen, Branch manager MLO-1214499 318.807.1602
Valerie Moore, Loan Officer MLO-940011 318.807.1602
Amanda Hardy, Teller Supervisor 318.807.1602
Ashley Davis, New Accounts 318.807.1602

135 Well Road in West Monroe

Kim Cox, Branch Manager MLO-942419 318.807.4177
Molly Ramsey, Loan Officer MLO-954239 318.807.4177
Rebecca Jones, Teller Supervisor 318.807.4177
Jennifer Golden, New Accounts 318.807.4177

WMHS Rebel Branch (staff and students only)

Felicia Blunt-Branch Manger 318.807.7081

Management Team

Electronic mail is not secure, and confidential or personal information should not be communicated in this manner.

Name Title Contact Phone Email
Katie Pilcher President CEO 318.387.4592
Gary Funderburk Executive Vice President 318.387.4592
Joe Murray Senior Vice President 318.387.4592
Jamie Walker VP of Lending 318.387.4592
Nancy McQuillin VP of Operations 318.387.4592

Senior Staff and Department Heads

Name Title Contact Phone Email
Ron Purdy VP of Business Lending 318.387.4592
Randy Hilburn Asst VP of Lending 318.387.4592
Jessica Ledoux Marketing Director 318.387.4592
Jamie Worsham Collections Manager 318.387.4592
Wendy Thomas Accounting Manager 318.387.4592
Richard Lyle Indirect Lender 318.387.4592
Kristen Wilson Mortgage Lending Officer 318.387.4592
Kristi Hobbs Head Teller – Main Office 318.387.4592
Marlon Owens Branch Manager -165 S 318.362.0015
Candice Skeen Branch Manager – 165 N 318.807.1602
Kim Cox Branch Manager – Well Road 318.807.4177

Board/Supervisory Committee

Board Members

Dale Liner, Chairman
Robert “Bob” Webber, Vice Chairman
Joyce McIntosh, Secretary
Melanie Machnik, Treasurer
Dale Zimmerman
Danny Cobb
Don Coker
Marc Mashaw, Associate Director

Supervisory Committee

Aline Smead, Chairman
Mary Johnson, Secretary
Ruth Buckley McDonald